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Importance of Landscape Design

Landscape design involves more than just making a yard "pretty." While we do take great pains to make a landscape project look attractive, that is just barely scratching the surface. The layout of your lawn must take into consideration many factors. One of those is, of course, visual composition: what plants go where, what colors to use, etc. Another is drainage. Your home's site is designed so that rainwater is shuttled away from your house and into the area's gutter or sewer system, so that your home doesn't get flooded. Attention must be given to placement of elements so that this flow isn't disrupted. At the same time, elements need to be placed you you aren't losing water from your irrigation system to runoff. You must also ensure you aren't blocking access to water, gas, phone or electrical lines, and that root systems won't interfere with these in the future. And finally, it helps to understand traffic patterns when laying down hardscapes or other elements that could either facilitate or disrupt access to different areas of the yard (if say there is a pool or storage shed, maybe even a playhouse for the kids).

Landscape Design encompasses all of these concerns and more to ensure that your landscaping is not only attractive and enjoyable, but works with the overall design of your home and it's site

Landscape Construction and Installation:

EarthTech is your one stop shop for all your landscape construction needs. We install custom landscapes throughout the Albuquerque metro area We cover everything from installation of plants that our customers choose to the construction of BBQ’s, patios, walkways and water features. We are happy to be your one-stop-shop landscape design and construction company. No matter what your landscaping desires are, with a little imagination you can be enjoying your own oasis in no time.

EarthTech is known for providing superior landscape construction and installation services throughout Albuquerque metro area. Our landscape designers and professional installation team will work closely with you to carefully plan and install an outdoor space that complements your lifestyle while fitting into your budget.

Weather you want to spruce up your yard for that upcoming barbecue or create a professional, manicured look for your building, you'll want to put EarthTech Landscaping experienced team of landscape professionals to work for you.

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

EarthTech Landscape is a leader in quality design, installation, repair, and service of underground automatic sprinkler irrigation systems. Our system design and commercial grade product combined with proper installation assure you a carefree watering system to beautify your turf and shrubs whether home or away. Nothing can do as much to insure the continued prospering of your landscape, as well as minimize maintenance time and costs, as a sprinkler system that has been properly designed and installed.

Drip Systems Installation and Repair

A drip irrigation system will help you deliver water more efficiently, thereby saving you time and money. Drip emitters generally apply water more slowly than a sprinkler system, making them perfect for slopes or hilly areas because there is less runoff. Drip systems are also good if your water pressure is low. They work best at pressures under 30 psi (pounds per square inch). Finally, they're less expensive to install than an underground sprinkler system, and are easily altered as your garden grows.

Importance of Landscape Design


What are the benefits of Lawn Aeration?


Homeowners often overlook problems associated with soil compaction. Insects, diseases, nematodes, improper watering and a lack of fertilizer are often blamed for a lawns decline when the real culprit is compaction. The problem starts when the top 4 inches of the soil become compressed, impeding the movement of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots. This stresses the grass plants, making them less able to compete with weeds and slow to recuperate from injury. In time a compacted lawn needs renovation.

This picture shows the benefits of aeration. Once the lawn is aerated, it gives the grass more space to grow & the roots develop deeper.

Compacted soil contributes to the accumulation of thatch because restricted oxygen levels in highly compacted soils impair the activity of earthworms and other thatch-decomposing organisms. Left unmanaged, thatch can lead to serious maintenance and pest problems. Thatch accumulates faster on compacted soils and heavy clay soils than on well-aerified soils. Therefore, some lawns may require frequent aerification to aid in thatch control.

If soil is compacted, the solution is straightforward: aerify. The practice of physically removing cores of soil and leaving holes or cavities in the lawn is defined as core aeration or aerification.

Dethatching by Power Raking

Dead leaves, stems and grass roots intertwine and collect near the soil surface of the lawn; this is called thatch. When thatch builds up it can limit the amount of water, air and fertilizer that your lawn actually receives. Consequently, it is important to remove the thatch, or dethatch, by the process of power raking.

This picture shows the benefits of power raking.

Power raking removes the dense layer of thatch that forms between the soil and the base of the grass. Dethatching by power raking allows water, nitrogen and nutrients to reach the lawn roots as well as protects your lawn against drought and winter kill. EarthTech Landscaping recommends that dethatching should be done during your Spring Clean Up. that’s the best time for us to do power raking.

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